Locally Sourced Pesto: Fresh Sweet Basil

Pesto is a must have in my kitchen. It’s versatile, uber healthy, tasty and incredibly easy to make. I learnt how to make it in Genoa, Italy from my Couchsurfing host’s housemate. As simple as pounding 5 ingredients together to form a glorious paste, I call it, Italian Chutney 😛

The 5 basic ingredients are:

  • A herb: usually basil or spinach
  • An oil: usually the highest quality of olive oil from Liguria
  • A sheep/ goat cheese: usually Parmigiano Romano, Pecorino Fiore Sardo or an aged Parmesan
  • A nut: usually pine nuts or walnuts
  • Some seasoning: usually garlic, salt and pepper

Today we’ll talk about sourcing for fresh basil, specifically fresh sweet basil. Last week, I considered the following options:

Kawan/Komuniti punya Garden

This source would have the highest trust capital because I’d have access to the plants life story. Also it’s the perfect excuse to hangout-berhangout. Things needed: Muka tebal, Faith and a Green Community

Orang Awam punya Garden

I’d trust this second because there is a high chance I can have access to their gardenning practices and they eat their own produce (also hidup rakyat!). Unfortunately there was only one home grower for Sweet Basil on mudah.com.my and she no time to layan me 🙁

Fan! Why you no get back to me? 🙁 Hope your trip was fun…

Commercial Nurseries and Farms

Businesses that operate with profit driven success markers are the least likely to care about me or the beings they profit from is my base assumption. Naturally, this was my last resort. This time I didn’t have to delve into this option because…

Peoples of the Web, we have been bestowed with:

Poptani’s Fish Poop Sweet Basil!

“To mulch or munch?” Ashaari, my kawan, flavour testing the Basil in his Fish Poop Garden.

Our Sweet Basil has retired from water purification to be either mulch or a munch.

Time: 2 hours scattered over 1 week.

Cost: Petrol and 1 bottle of Shobee’s Selangorian Pesto for Poptani.


Coming Soon: Shobee’s Selangorian Pesto