The Art of Sustenance is Born

Dear Humans of the Internet,

This has been in the brain works for a year now (ok, let’s be real, waaay longer than that) my anxieties and then depression held me back. Now Mother Necessity has lit a fire under my fanny 😛

I really need to get out of this web of consumerism we have cocooned ourselves in. I can’t deal with the anxieties that come with a complete dependence on a capitalist system. The Art of Sustenance is a chronicle of my adventures delving into sustainable and guilt-free living in Malaysia.

I’ve been consciously exploring sources of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional sustenance with my community for sometime now. It’s reached a point where my muse has no more patience for my fears so with this post I dive into my sea of possibilities.

Here’s to growths and growth pains!




A Laxmi of Most Trades

6 thoughts on “The Art of Sustenance is Born”

  1. Such an excellent initiative! ‘Dive into my sea of possibilities’. Really got me pumped up to achieve wonders too. Such an inspiration you are. Keep the fire burning in you and looking forward to more posts from this website. Hugs xx

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